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DETOXIFICATION of toxins which weakens the Immune System

BALANCING of T3 and T4 hormone required for proper function

ABSORPTION of essential nutrients for healthy Immune system

Natural Thyroid Relief Program Detail

  1. Detoxification of harmful pollutants and chemicals present in small intestines. These toxins deposits weakens the Immune system and attack the cells of Thyroid Gland.
  2.  Balancing of T3 and T4 hormones that converts food into energy. The balance is required for proper functioning of body cells.
  3.  Absorption of essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins to make Immune system healthy and to rejuvenate the Thyroid Gland’s damaged cells.
  4.  Course Duration- 3-6 months.

100% NATURAL     100% SAFE     100% RESULT    0% SIDE EFFECT

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