What is Nutrition and Why is it necessary ?

Nutrition is the food of the body. It consists of Minerals, Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Amino acids, enzymes etc.nutrition.jpg

These are the part of our Balanced Diet. It is our responsibility to fulfill the daily requirement of Nutrition in the body.

Lack of nutrition make our body cells weak and slowly the weak cells dies and the various organ systems are not able to carry out the daily work. For e.g. if the cells of Pancreas get damaged or become dead the Pancreas will not be able to carry out its duty i.e. controlling the level of blood sugar, hence we become Diabetic.

On the other hand if we understand the importance of Nutrition and supplies the body with proper nutrition the cells which are damaged slowly becomes healthy and the organ system becomes capable to carry out its duties. Hence even the lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, BP, Cholesterol, Kidney problems  can be eliminated with help of essential nutrients.