What is Detoxification and Why is it necessary ?

DETOXIFICATION is the process of removing the harmful chemicals and pollutants also called Toxins, from the body. It is a process by which we can clean our body internally.

This is the most necessary step towards Healthy body. To understand this we need to realize the harmful things that has affected our Today’s Lifestyle. By use of a Natural extract we can remove these toxins deposits.

  1. AIR POLLUTION –The pollutants or the harmful particles present in the Air we breathe. We cannot produce our own air, we have to breathe in polluted air. These harmful particles go inside our body and damage the cells.
  2. WATER POLLUTION –The pollutants or the harmful particles present in the Water we drink. The water is again cleaned with the help of strong chemicals that are going in our body.
  3. FARM POLLUTION –To increase the production very huge amount of urea / pesticide are used in cultivation. These harmful chemicals go inside the plants and make them toxic.
  4. USE OF CHEMICALS – Oxytocin injections are used in fruits and vegetables to make them quickly grow in their actual sizes.
  5. FAST FOOD – The Fast food we eat is mainly made from Maida, which is not digested by our intestines and sticks there.
  6. MEDICINES & DRUGS – The frequent use of chemical drugs are also making the body environment Toxic. These drugs are same like pesticides used for plants.