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DETOXIFICATION of toxins which causes thick mucous in lungs

OPENING of bronchioles for easy and flow of air and oxygen

STRENGTHENING of Immune System and Respiratory Tracts

Natural Asthma / Respiratory Relief Program Detail

  1.  Detoxification of harmful pollutants and chemicals present in small intestines. These toxins deposits causes infections in lungs due to which thick layer of mucous sticks to the inner walls of respiratory tract.
  2.  Opening of bronchi-oles and other respiratory tract for easy flow of air and oxygen helping in relaxing the respiratory tract.
  3.  Strengthening of Immune System and Respiratory Tracts natural antibiotics and natural herbs.
  4.  Massaging of chest with  Natural extracts to relax the chest muscles and to reduce the inflammation of the respiratory tracts.
  5.  Course Duration- 3-6 months.

100% NATURAL     100% SAFE     100% RESULT    0% SIDE EFFECT

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